Escape the womb

But enough about my breach birth.

I noticed recently, between bouts of depression and rage, that Escape the Room has opened in West Chester.

That, along with Lancaster, Litiz, Philadelphia, Baltimore, etc, makes five-hundred thousand escape rooms within driving distance of my house. My cousin, bless her stupid, stupid heart (genetics is all), wants me to join her for Escape the Room: 1980’s Edition.    I told her I’d think about it, because I barely got out of 80’s alive the first time round.

She promised to buy me lunch, though, so what the hell. Free food.

I really am having a difficult time understanding the appeal of this escape craze, though. Call me a cock-eyed optimist (hey, watch where you’re pointing that thing!), but I get to sit in a beautifully decorated hotel room for the better part of an hour with five to nine other participants – strangers, who aren’t my family. Why the hell would I be in such a hurry to get out?

Much more fun to sit back, feign puzzle-impairment, and let the shills sweat it out. Me? I’ll enjoy fifty-nine minutes of blissful solitude.

5 thoughts on “Escape the womb

  1. LOL. I once had a 90 minutes Escape Room, it was a space station. It felt really good to be in the room with 6 other strangers. One of the puzzle was knowing each other. Unlike yours, it wasn’t solitude.

  2. Don’t tell me you did not participate. I love escape room. Meeting people and thinking like we’ve known each other in years.

  3. Oh come on! This is not the time for solitude whatever! Nothing really beats having an ‘Escape room’ experience when you are doing that with strangers! Just relax and enjoy it.

  4. LOL. Feign puzzle-impairment huh? You definitely don’t want really. You know I used to feel that this whole escape room stuff sounds more like fun when you a reliving the experience and sharing with people.

  5. My last ESCAPE THE ROOM edition, I was there with my husband! Talk about a show spoiler! Though I spoke with some really good people but I really didn’t fully enjoy the experience. Better make good use of yours now!

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