I just attempted to do the survey touted on the back of my coffee receipt from Burger King.

Most people have enough self-respect to ignore these market research ploys, but hey, not me. I’ll whore myself for a free hamburger, even though I’m a vegetarian. Just doing my part to make sure my husband gets a nice, hot meal when I don’t feel like cooking. (Now, just to figure out what to do about the other three hundred sixty four days.)

Anyway, instead of typing “My BK Experience,” I inadvertently (yes, inadvertently) typed¬†“My BJ Experience.”

And was subsequently chastised by the Internet for being a moron.

Which is probably for the best, really, because then my answers for questions such as, “Did any employee go out of their way to make your visit memorable?” and “Did a manager come by your table?” would have been vastly different.

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