Screw the Red Ryder BB Gun

My version of the “best gift that ever was and ever will be” is Electronic Detective, manufactured by IDEAL (they must have known something.)

I’ve had the damn thing for 34 years and it’s still going strong.

Probably due to the fact that I only take it out once a year to play on the Day After Christmas, aka Boxing Day, for the socialists. Or St. Stephens for the Cafeteria Catholics.

We’ll just stick with boxing day, since it’s still in its box, and bears Don Adams ugly mug. (Man, what were advertisers thinking in the 70’s? Don Adams was everywhere whoring games, like Skittle Poker and Pendulum Pool. Just what was the demographic they were targeting? Future Addicts of America? Kids were creeped out by him because they didn’t really know who he was, and consumers who remembered him as “Tennessee Tuxedo” and “Maxwell Smart” were too old to give a crap about fake gambling games. )

I also still have that Panasonic Ball Radio and 8 track-player, but fuck them. It’s always been known in my family that I abhor music in general, so buying music-related gifts was a good way for the sibs to get double the presents while appearing generous to the weird little sister. Assholes.

Anyway, Electronic Detective was one of the first electronic games (go figure), and I loved it. See, this was a toy that did stuff. Not like a stupid doll that just sat there trying to stir maternal instincts in my congenital adrenal hyperplasia self.

So to me, the Sounds of the Season, along with the caroling, and the sleigh-bells, just wouldn’t be complete without 2 gun shots fired with a silencer, followed by a funeral dirge.

Now, about Don Adams face,┬áthat’s another matter.

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