So when the hell did “disrespect” become a verb??

That’s an “action word” for you non-English, real degree people.

When I was in college, you were either “disrespectful to” someone, or “showed disrespect.” You know, adjective? Noun? Anyone? Anyone at all?

I know, I know. Here’s where some egghead wiseass cites the OED at me, but you know, if something has fallen out of favor since, oh,  1707, c’mon already. Time to give it a rest.

Also, when the hell did Baggies become Ziplocks? Sure, I never bought brand names, what with me being cheap and trashy, but still. What, is the buying public too good now for diminutives??

And for that matter, when did we start getting so selfish with our Twix Bars? The commercials used to genteely coax us to break the damn thing in half and share with a friend or someone else in the vicinity.

What? Did the ad campaign reek of too much socialism? Blatant promulgation of the coming “nanny” state? 

 Instead of non-confrontational narcissistic altruism, we have this, “More for me! None for your sorry ass! Feel my Italian salute!” nonsense. (I paraphrase, but barely.”)

 That campaign must have been dreamed up by the same genius who put the Slim Jims on top of that guy’s head. Hey, read the ingredient list. (Or, on second thought, maybe don’t.) As a concept, meat sticks are quite disturbing enough without that Max HeadroomEsque visual added to the truck stop nightmare fuel.

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