Chapter 2

Altared States
GM: Weapons are only allowed if the hilts are wrapped with peace knots.”

Me-Han: “As I said, I will wait out here.”

GM: The guardswoman turns away….What do you do?…Anyone?

GM: Mewtant: the guardswoman turns to you and says:

GM: “The ceremony is about to start.”

Mewtant: “And what importance is this to me, woman?”

GM: “If you worship the Goddess Patricia it should be very important, for today is the initiating of the new High Priestess of Mew.” 

Confused by this turn of events, Mewtant figures it best to lay low and silent for a while.

GM: Me-Han: this city is on the map.

Me-Han: “That’s nice, GM.”

Me-Han: “I suspected that was why we were here.”

GM: Unless you do something, you are all swept in to the city by the pushing and shoving of the pilgrims who want the see the new High Priestess…. GM: (note to Me-han) You still have your phallic symbol 🙂 

kscully checks over the daggers and things… 

Mewtant looks at Me-Han. 

Mewtant begins to chant.

Me-Han: “What, Mew??” 

Mewtant looks mysterious.

GM: You all notice that there are so few males here….

Me-Han: “Look…there are so few males here.”

GM: Up on the temple balcony the Old High Priestess has just finished crowning the New High Priestess. 

Me-Han calls up his friend Nate to come live here… Nate is overwhelmed by the competition where he lives.

Mewtant ponders this “Nate.”

Mewtant: “Hmm. Fresh meat after the apocalypse, eh?”

GM: When….the New Priestess calls out:

GM(Priestess):”Who among you will accompany our newest Acolytes on their journey to the Great Temple?” 

Me-Han warns Mewtant that his friend Nate is shy and easily frightened.

Mewtate: “So much the better!”

GM: Then she points at you with her staff, Me-Han…

kscully: “Hah, I gotta tell ya. These High Priests and Priestesses are bad news, guys. Nothin but trouble on an adventure.”

Mewtant: There are so few men left in the world now, we need some fresh ones in order to repopulate.”

GM(Priestess): *You* will accompany them.

kscully: “Even the good ones are askin’ ya all the time for guarding on quests and retrieving sacred relics…it’s a pain.”

Me-Han: “Actually, Mew, Nate is old-fashioned, and wants to wait until he’s married to repopulate.

GM: The High Priestess walks down from the altar to the party…..

GM: “Please guard our initiates well, Because among them is my daughter.” 

kscully takes a careful look at the High Priestess and keeps one eye on the staff…

Mewtant: “What is it with you guys and ‘one eye’ bit? I am an Amazon. I take what I like.” 

kscully sighs and addresses the High Priestess…

GM: By the Priestess’s side you see what looks to be her daughter and her daughter’s warder….. 

Mewtant looks the young girls over.

GM: “This is my daughter Aislynn and her warder, JaerTai.”

JaerTai: “Greetings, motley crowd.”

GM: Mewtant, the girls look attractive and VERY virginal…  Mewtant could use some new slaves…

Mewtant: “Ah, a swarthy male stranger.” 

JaerTai nods.

Mewtant: “There appears to be some kind of ceremony going on, sir, but no one will speak about it openly..”

JaerTai: “Mayhap you inquire beyond your place, Amazon.”

GM: A woman from the crowd speaks.

GM(Woman): “This ceremony is to honor the Goddess Mew’s Holiest of days, the birth of her Prophetess…” 

postmike enjoys a double steak burger from “Steak ‘n Shake.”

Me-Han: Mmmm…shake.  Me-Han might have a shake. No steak, though. 

Me-Han checks his map.

postmike: Should have gotten a shake…got a Coke(tm) instead.

Me-Han: “I wonder what all this has to do with anything?”

Mewtante: I redid my web page for the bozos who don’t set their color options correctly in Netscape;)

postmike: hehe

JaerTai: Silence about color options, infidel! 

Mewtant: I was mocking Mike here,

Jarel. JaerTai: Oh, ok. 

JaerTai blushes and stands solidly.

Mewtant: ‘Course, if the shoe fits…

JaerTai: Yeah. yeah 🙂

postmike: Ack! Now every line Mew writes is highlighted!

Mewtant: As well it should be,

Mike. Me-Han: Mike: Kill yourself. That’s what I’d do.

GM: ks: You notice the Talisman of Air around the High Priestess daughter’s neck…

JaerTai: “So, where were we.”

Mewtant looks at the initiates and ponders.

kscully: “Ahhh…”

Me-Han: “What ya ponderin, Mewtant?”

GM: Mew: the initiate you look at blushes….and squirms a bit….

Mewtant: “Are these young girls there of their own free will?”

kscully: “I wouldn’t mention that name here…”

Me-Han: “Ooh! Teach me that trick, Mewtant!” My buddy could use it. Mewtant is a babe magnet, no matter what the world.

GM: Yes all are here to become priestesses of Goddess Mew “

Me-Han: “The world sure is topsy-turvy that way.”

JaerTai: “And that they shall.”  JaerTai gives a disapproving look at the group.

kscully nods….

Mewtant: “Why does he scowl at us?”

JaerTai: “Infidel, the stench of your thoughts is clear to me.”

Me-Han: “Hm…possibly a lack of bean burritos in this post-apocalyptic world?”

kscully: “O Most Holy One, we accept this sacred task…”

Me-Han: o kscully: @ postmike: O Mewtant restrains herself from lunging at Jarel.

Me-Han: ()

Mewtant: “Infidel indeed!” 

Me-Han plays with his phallic symbol.

Mewtant: “Only a primitive people would worship such an idol.” 

postmike restrains himself from yelling in joy. 

Mewtant ponders restraining Me-Han.

JaerTai: “Primitive to the flesh is enlightened to the spirit. 

Me-Han uses the safeword. 

Me-Han ‘s heart belongs only to the Sorceress of Castle Greyblood. 

postmike waves.

GM(Priestess): “Good. Now go, This is the only way for you to earn the first talisman.” 

kscully salutes the proud postman, fluttering in the breeze…

Me-Han: “Talisman? How do you know about the Talismans?”

GM(Priestess): “Me-Han: I have watched the stars; my daughter wears it upon her breast as we speak. You must protect her until she reaches the Great Temple to recharge it’s powers…”

Mewtant: “So, now we have to drag her with us?”

JaerTai: “You will not lay a finger upon her.”

kscully: “And then, O Warder of the Midnight Mysteries?”

GM(Priestess): “When my daughter returns to me alive and intact I will give you the talisman you seek….”

kscully: “Is there a prophecy?”

Me-Han: “Aha! Finally! A plot! Let’s roll!”

Mewtant: “Hey, I don’t want to lay a finger or anything else upon her, for that matter, Odo.” 

kscully turns to the group with eyes raised and whispers:

kscully: “There always is, ya know.”

JaerTa: “Odo?”

Me-Han: “Put your daughter on your fastest horse, give us your best guide, and let’s be on our way, then!”

JaerTai: “Is this one of your ‘enlightened’ gods?”

Mewtant: “No, it’s just that he doesn’t do faces well, either…”

Me-Han: “Or, we could just piddle around here some more.” 

JaerTai gives a quizzical look and ignores the overgrown female.

GM: When you are all prepared, you set off on your journey.

Mewtant: “Come. Guard your ‘precious pet’. Just leave me be.”

JaerTai: “Rest assured; that is my intention.”

Me-Han: “Or, even better, why not let’s fight?”

JaerTai: “I do not fight on an ignorant whim.”

Mewtant: “Me-Han: Trust this; you do not wish to fight with me…I eat what I defeat.”

GM: You travel well into the night, then you see lights on the road ahead…. 

Me-Han shouts at the crowd.

Me-Han: “Ok! Everybody back up! Very large egos here! Gonna need some extra space!”

Me-Han: This is some good milkshake. 

Me-Han rides out of my way to avoid the dueling egos.

Mewtant: “I cannot be bothered.” Mewtant: “No one here is worth my time.”

JaerTai: “I do not deign to initiate violence.”

Me-Han: “Lady, we could say the same thing about you.”

Mewtant gets set to ride away from the others. 

JaerTai watches neutrally.

Me-Han: “Take care.”

Mewtant: “Fare thee well.”

Me-Han: “Anybody else want to be antagonistic, or can the rest of us all PLEASE try to get along?”

Mewtant: “Perhaps we shall meet again. When you are all swinging from the end of a rope.” 

Mewtant rides off. 

kscully observes the faintly glowing map…

JaerTai looks at the Priestess.

Me-Han: “Mewtant: There is no need to threaten us, kind lady! I have done nothing to you and wish you only the best!” 

JaerTai whistles sharply.

Me-Han: “Geez. What a bitch.” 

The young vestal virgin babe looks at Me-Han.

Aislynn: “Sir, is something the matter?”

GM: Jaer Tai, worry not. She will cross your path again.”

Aislyn: “JaerTai, she is gone now, I hope?”

Me-Han: “I don’t appreciate threats from parties whom I have given no cause to behave in such an uncouth manner.”

JaerTai: “For now.”

Aislynn: “Good Sir, I hope you do not judge all women by the acts of one.”

Me-Han: “Of course not. That would not only be uncivilized of me, but would stand against everything the power I wield represents.”

Aislynn: “Thank you, Sir.”

Me-Han: As an aside, Nate likes Mew’s new character a heck of a lot more than her old one.

kscully: “It would be foolish to stand before his powers of Retail Commercialism….”

JaerTai: “The Amazon is intertwined with you, I fear, in the end.”

Aislynn: “Sir, is there another way I may address you? This is rather awkward.”

Me-Han: “Well, I shall meet with her with all the respect I can muster, as befits the power I am responsible for.” 

JaerTai ‘s horse comes trotting up.

Me-Han: “Aislynn, there is no need to be formal. I find it to be a difficult and unnecessary custom on the long, dry treks.”

End of Chapter 2