Chapter Eight

It was a dark and stormy night.

{MiTcHelL: “A plan? Involving firearms?”

Nathan: “I don’t carry guns, Mitchell.”

Mew: “What is this plan, Nathan?”

{MiTcHelL: “Well, damn. I’ll have to teach you how to kick then…that’s okay, but guns are better.”

Wyldling: “NO fight We go now!!!”

Patricia taps her foot impatiently.

Mew: “Well??”

{MiTcHelL: “He has a plan.”

Wyldling: “What plan, Nate?”

Nathan: “Direct honesty. They should be able to tell I am pure of soul, and it shouldn’t be too hard for me to distract them with an attempt to negotiate Kiersten’s release. (After all, I can do no wrong. I’m honest through and through.) Meanwhile, you guys sneak in and free her.” I may not make it, but at least they won’t have her.”

{MiTcHelL: “Saaayyyy.” 

Patricia laughs and laughs and laughs.

Wyldling: “Does Wyld still get playhurt Natefriend, Patricia?” 

{MiTcHelL produces a big stogie and lights it.

Nathan: “Hurt Nate? Why are you laughing?” You people know something I don’t?” It’s too late, isn’t it?”

Mew: “Direct honesty with these types?”

{MiTcHelL: “I like the idea, Nate.” But then again, I don’t know everything.”

Nathan: “And you people don’t need me any more!”

Mew: “You wouldn’t make it past the front gate.”

Wyldling: “No Nate Play hurt, me never hurt you really.”

Mew: “No. We need you to free the girl from the dungeon. But we have to sneak you in there. Alive.” 

{MiTcHelL ‘s cigar smoke begins to fill the room.

Mew: “I never did have the stomach for suicide missions.”

{MiTcHelL; Nothin’ like a good smoke after a jerky meal”

Wyldling: “Is pretend so we get in then me help you get Natewoman…Okie.”

Nathan: “Fine. How about explosives, then? Mitchell must have some.”

{MiTcHelL: “Hell yes I got explosives!”

Mew: “Besides, if all else fails, we can distract them with Mitchell’s toga.”

Wyldling: “hehehe.”

{MiTcHelL: “I got jerky, smokes, and c-4 in this bag.”

kscully: “The jerky alone should be enough.”Quite explosive.”

Mew: “Besides, Nathan, if she sees one of us, she is going to cry out in fear and then all is lost.”

Nathan: “Fine. Anyone have a better plan, then?”

Mew: “If she sees you, well, so much the better.” {

MiTcHelL: “Specially me!” 

Wyldling gives Nathan his batclubthing.

Mew: “We will do as we planned.”

{MiTcHelL: “I will, cos I only plan to do some stompin’.”

Mew: “When we get to the castle, we will pretend give Nate to my sisters as a peace offering. I know them well.”.

Wyldling: “Why, TogaCheese step.”

Mew: “Such an interesting gift will be savored slowly. They will put him in the cells below, where they are keeping the girl.”

Wyldling: “In poopie?” 

{MiTcHelL puffs away, filling the cramped cellar with cigar smoke.

Mew: “*IF* Nathan appears to be damaged enough, they will not chain him too securely. He can then free himself and save the girl.”

Patricia glares at Mitchell.

{MiTcHelL: “That holes got more plans in it than me in Swiss form.”

Mew: “Could you please do that outside?” Have you another suggestion?”

{MiTcHelL: “This is an inn. I can smoke here if i want.” 

Wyldling shadowboxes with the air making Xena-type fighting noises.

{MiTcHelL: “Well, I do have an idea.”

Mew: “Go on, Caesar.”

{MiTcHelL: “Maybe Art here could turn into something small and hide like in a pouch on Nate to help him free himself.”

Wyldling: “Whoosh, Whoosh…..Wha?”

Mew: “Well now. All of your brain cells are not dead after all.”

{MiTcHelL: No way to count on them tiein’ him up poorly.”

Mew: “True. Sharona is a crafty one.”

Nathan: You must have known when you came up with this plan, that I’d hate it.” 

kscully nods. “Such is not beyond my powers, though it will be taxing. I must also keep myself hidden from the denizens of the castle, which requires putting myself in a deep trance. Nathan must awaken me at the proper time.”

Mew: “That wasn’t foremost in our minds, Nathan.” Nathan: “And that I’d never go along with it.”

Nathan: “Let’s just get this over with.” Wyldling: “Alls I’s turns into is catses.” 

Nathan puts his hands behind his back, and offers them to Particia.

{MiTcHelL: “Do we mess him up now or what?” 

Patricia takes the sash from around her waist and binds Nathan’s wrists securly.

Mew: “Not until the castle door.”

{MiTcHelL: “Oh. Ok.” 

{MiTcHelL puff some more. 

Wyldling shifts into a big white tiger….with lambent emerald eyes.

Nathan: “And just who is going to ‘chase me down’?”

{MiTcHelL: “I wouldn’t wanna waste any of a good Cuban.” 

Patricia searches in vain for Desi Arnaz.

{MiTcHelL: “Him, I”d waste.”

Mew: “We should also bind his ankles and lay him across the tiger’s back. Looks better.” 

Wyldling looks at Nathan and ROARS loudly and playfully…

{MiTcHelL: “From your perspective maybe.”

Mew: “Okay, so we have our course of action. Let us begin!”

End of Chapter 8