Chapter One

Chapter One
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Warren Rememberance

Nate, having just won the lottery, splurges on a ticket to the special sneak preview of Kiersten Warren’s new horror flick.

Nate, having caught the starlett’s eye, is invited to sit with her and her friends.)

It was a dark and stormy night.

DrNate: Nate and Kieri go past the body guards and the crowds of adoring fans, and wind up sitting at a table with Demi Moore and Alicia Silverstone.

DrNate attempts to sit with his back to Demi Moore, remembering to smile the whole time, and keep eye contact with Ms Warren.

Kieri: “Nate, my friends and I were just discussing the horrible threats I’ve been getting. Ever since we began filming this movie, I feel as if I’m being watched by some ungodly force.”

DrNate: “No, no…that’s just Jim Carey. See? Wave to Jim.”

Bruce Willis postures in a swarthy manner.
DrNate waves to Jim.

Kieri: “Ha! You make me laugh.”

DrNate: “Seriously, hm.”

Kieri: “I love that trait in a man. It….turns me on.”

DrNate looks about the room.

Kiersten begins to finger the straw in her Pepsi(tm).

DrNate: “Oh! You know what? I was once stalked!”

Kieri” “Really? Then you can relate to my fears.”

DrNate: “Well, it was cyber stalking. Like any time I’d go on a channel that wasn’t +s she’d follow me. And then I pondered just going +i to get away from her, but it seemed kind of cowardly, and then…Um. Heh.”

DrNate is embarrassed.

Kieri: “Yes, some people are completely insane and shouldn’t be allowed near a modem…I’ve begun to have nightmares, Nathan.”

DrNate: “You know of computers. I am impressed.”

Kieri: “I feel like I can talk with you, though I really don’t know you very well.”

DrNate: “Do you want to talk about them? I know we just met, but…you know. Sometimes it helps.”

Kieri: “Well, being a girl, I should concentrate more on the important things, like shoes and eye shadow, I suppose…Well, one nightmare involves a knock at the door.”

DrNate: “Now, not a bit of that, young lady!”

Kieri: “I hear screams and cries of agony, then there’s a soft rap at the door. I open the door, though I am afraid, and on the other side is a..a Postman!!”

DrNate leans forward.

DrNate: “Ahk!”

DrNate backs up.

Kieri: “Yes! It’s awful. A Vampire Postman! Most of the other times, though, I hear women.”

DrNate: “I can understand that.”

Kieir: “Women in long, see-through nighties. And they threaten to kidnap me and make me one of them. Whatever that means.”

DrNate: “You ever seen the movie, ‘Manos’?”

Kieri: “A movie about Hispanic hands? No, I don’t believe so.”

DrNate: “That happens to me sometimes. I see a film, and then I dream about it. Happens more often with books, though.”

Kieri: “Yes, and I made a film. But this seems so real, Nathan.”

DrNate: “Wait a second. How do you know my name?”

Kieri: “Um..oh….uh..”.
DrNate glares angrily at Demi Moore.
Kieri: “I saw your name on your underwear when you were bending over before.”
Bruce Willis stands up menacingly.

DrNate: “Oh! Ok! Cool!”

agentj: She read your damned name tag!

DrNate: “So. I mean, have you seen anyone about your dreams?”

Kieri: “There ya go.”

DrNate: “I know some folks who are really good at explaining them to you. Well, me.”

Kieri: “No, I don’t want anyone thinking I’m crazy.”

DrNate: (Hey! This name tag says “Big AL!”)

Kieri adjust the cups of her strapless bra.

DrNate diverts his eyes.

Kieri looks into Nate’s eye. “Pretty.”

DrNate: “They won’t. You know, dreams don’t really mean anything important.”

Kieri: “You know, the last time I said that, I was blown up by hideous creatures.”

DrNate: “Like, I keep having these dreams where I get ti-oh, maybe not: And thank you very much. That is nice of you to say.”

VOICE OF NARRATOR: DrNate looks at the ceiling, like on the hospital skits of the old Muppet show. Note the irony in Nate’s statement, “dreams don’t really mean anything important.” BACK TO EXPOSITION:

DrNate shouts up: “Well, they don’t!”

Kieri: “Well, the movie is about to start.”

DrNate: “I loved you in that movie: I mean, your performance was…uh, your part was good. um…”

Kieri: “You’re sweet.”

Kieri kisses Nate on his forehead

DrNate: “Oh, there’s a movie, too? What a deal!”

Giving Nate a nice shot of cleavage…

DrNate shifts uncomfortably in his chair.

Nate and Kiersten settle back to enjoy the film. There are the standard shots of graveyards and vampire babes, etc., and the cliché of a sacred amulet.

DrNate tries to maintain good posture and a smile.

DrNate waits for a scary part, and jumps out of his seat, while Kiersten sits in her chair, breathing heavily from the excitement of the night.

Nate notices something odd while watching her chest bob up and down. Tucked between her breasts is the very same amulet that was seen in the movie.

DrNate: (I’m a hory little pervert!)

DrNate whispers in Ms. Warren’s ear.

DrNate: “Want some popcorn? No, no. Um.

Kieri: “Oh, you noticed the necklace. Right?

DrNate: Oh, that medallion. Yeah. Is it real?”

Kieri: “I don’t know, really. There were stories on the set that it was taken from some ancient gravesite in Romania, but I don’t believe it. Pretty.”

DrNate: “I agree. It’s quite nice.”

Kieri: “Would you like to look at it?”

DrNate: “Yes, please.”

She removes the necklace and place it in Nate’s trembling hands.

Kieri: “You’re such a sweetheart, you know that?”

DrNate: “My hands are trembling because it’s cold.”

DrNate: (What’s it look/feel/smell like?)

DrNate: “Thank you very much. You’re about the nicest women I’ve ever met.”

Suddenly, there is a scream from the emergency exit!!

DrNate jumps up.

The film comes to an abrupt halt just at the scene where Kiersten is being shown in full frontal nudity. Everything goes black.

DrNate makes a mental note to scold Kiersten for taking her clothes off for money.

The only thing discernible are 6 small, red, glowing beads.

DrNate reaches for Kiersten with one hand and his baseball bat with the other. As they grow larger, Nate realizes that these are eyes!

Kiersten: “NATHAN!!!! HELP ME!!!!!” Kiersten: “HELP MEE!!!!!!!!!”

DrNate: “Oh, God!”

There is a scuffle beside him, and Nate can hear Kieristen being lifted into the sky.

DrNate jumps and bats first at the eyes.

It’s too dark for him to see up her dress.

Too late. She is gone.

DrNate “I would never do that. I’m good.”

But the screams continue for far too long.

DrNate throws his bat and the amulet on the floor.



End of Chapter 1